Adoption Process

Step 1: Accomplish the Adoption Application Form. Your response receipt will be automatically sent to your email, as well as an automated response from Hound Haven.

Step 2: Please wait 5-7 days for another email from Hound Haven that will include the recommended date and time of your 1-hour Zoom interview and virtual home visit.

Reply to the email to either confirm the appointment or request for another schedule. The Zoom interview will be guided by your answers on the application form and the virtual home visit is necessary for the team to get to know the living condition of the K-9 that will be potentially rehomed to your family.

Step 3: If your Zoom interview and virtual home visit are successful, we will send an email for a fostering period with the K-9 you are interested in adopting. This will give all parties an idea of the K-9's fit into your home, lifestyle, and all the members of the family (dogs or other pets included).

Fostering will require you to pick up the K-9 from the Hound Haven center, which will be scheduled accordingly. A minimum of 1 month is required in the fostering or a trial period, which means you or your family is solely responsible for the dog as if s/he is already your own. A separate fostering form will be sent to you to accomplish, which will indicate your commitment in taking care of the K-9.

At this stage, you are to regularly provide updates about how the K-9 is adjusting to your home (e.g. feeding, walking, interacting with the members of the family, etc.) and encouraged to send photos and videos if you see fit. If during the fostering stage the K-9 will need medical attention, your family will shoulder the expenses. We trust that you will be honest with your daily updates and feedback about the K-9's adjustment to your home.

Step 4: If you are successful in your application and it's a perfect match between your family and the K-9, we will then process the adoption fee of Php 7,500 for the rehabilitation of the K-9 during his/her stay at Hound Haven. We will also ask you to sign an adoption waiver form which indicates your commitment in taking care of the K-9.

If you are unsuccessful in your application, we will be arranging appropriate transportation for the K-9 back to the center.

Note: In the scenario that the pandemic eases up, we may or may not request for a face-to-face center visit/interview (step 2) and a home visit during the foster period (step 3).


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