Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are military working dogs (MWDs) and contract working dogs (CWDs)?

MWDs are K-9s employed by government bodies such as the Philippine Army. CWDs are K-9s employed by private security agencies. CWDs are usually assigned in commercial establishments such as malls and hotels.

2. What exactly does an MWD and CWD do?

MWDs and CWDs have various functions, like explosive detection, drug detection and tracking, to name a few. Each K-9 undergoes rigorous training for a specific function. Their functions are assigned based on their breed, character, and the assessment of their handlers.

3. How long does an average K-9 work?

The average K-9 works for about 8 to 15 years. That is more than half the life expectancy of dogs.

4. What exactly does Hound Haven do?

Hound Haven cares for and rehabilitates retired working dogs. During their stay at the Hound Haven center, they undergo behavioral training (and physical training if it is recommended by our partner vets) to prepare them for possible adoption. Our goal is to help these dogs live the remaining years of their lives as normal family pets.

5. Does Hound Haven breed working dogs?

No, Hound Haven does not breed any of our K-9 residents. We promote responsible pet ownership and are advocates of pet adoption.

6. Does Hound Haven accept rescues?

Hound Haven focuses on our mission to care for retired working dogs, while our friends in other animal welfare organizations prioritize rescuing abandoned and neglected animals.

If you have seen or witnessed any incidents of animal cruelty, you may still get in touch with us, and we will direct you to the proper contacts.

7. If I encounter K-9s that look like they're not being taken care of, what can you do if I report this to you?

Although Hound Haven does not directly deal with animal abuse and neglect, we encourage you to get in touch with us to report any incidents of K-9 maltreatment or neglect. Please provide pictures, videos, or any documents that could support the case. Should we find these sufficient, we can file a report together and get the proper authorities to take action.

8. Where is the Hound Haven center located?

Our address is 353 Pinaglagarian St., Pulong Yantok, Angat, Bulacan. You will find us on Waze or Google Maps as Hound Haven Philippines.

9. Can we visit your center in Bulacan?

We welcome field trips, team building activities, or simple weekend excursions with friends and family. Please send us a message at [email protected] so we can schedule your visit.

10. How do I volunteer?

Please provide your contact details through our Volunteer page. We'll get in touch with you so we can schedule your visit.

11. Can I bring my own dog to the Center?

You and your dogs are welcome at our center, provided:

That owners will inform that he/she will be bringing a pet along through any Hound Ranger or by sending an email to [email protected] two (2) days prior to their visit.

Owners should present their pets' updated vaccination records prior to their visit or at the site.

Pets may only use the common grounds. The kennel and activity areas are only for K-9 residents that are undergoing a special rehabilitation program.

Owners will be held responsible for their pets and their pets' behaviors at the site.

12. How do I sponsor a dog?

You may fill out the sponsorship form through our Sponsorship page. Provide the amount you wish to donate, the duration (e.g., monthly, quarterly, etc.) and your preferred payment scheme. Once done, kindly wait for our confirmation email.

13. What's the difference between sponsoring and donating?

Donating means making any one-time donation whether monetary or in kind. Sponsoring is a continuous commitment which allows you to contribute a specific amount over a specified period of time.

14. What kind of help or assistance does Hound Haven need?

Hound Haven accepts monetary and in-kind donations.

Monetary donations can be sent through our Donate page.

In-kind donations may come in the form of dog food, daily vitamins, crates, shampoo/soap and cleaning products for our kennels.

Volunteers are also welcome to visit the center to help out in our day-to-day operations.

15. Where can I drop off in-kind donations?

Please send us a message at [email protected] We might be able to provide a drop off location that is near your area.

16. How do I adopt one of your K-9 residents?

We would like to make sure that the dogs under our care go to loving homes and families. It is what they deserve and nothing less after years of service. This said, we observe a strict screening process for all interested applicants.

Please take your time to review our adoption process. If you are confident and certain that you can provide our furry friends a loving home, please download and fill out our Adoption Form through the link below.

For more information on our adoption process, please view our step-by-step Adoption Guide.

Downloadable Forms

17. How do I join Hound Haven events and programs?

Please check our Facebook page and website for regular updates and announcements.

18. I think I might be able to help out aside from donating, sponsoring, or adopting a K-9. How can I get in touch?

We're always open to any partnership that would help us champion this cause and make more tails wag. Give us a woof at [email protected]!